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The only time they eat meat during the year.

For many families, this is the only time they eat meat during the year. Every family deserves the happiness of Eid. You can help make it happen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to perform Qurbani?

Qurbani is obligatory upon every sane adult Muslim male/female who can afford to do so. Typically, those who are able to pay Zakat are obliged to give Qurbani.

How does Humaniti select recipients of Qurbani meat?

Our international NGOs we will assess and identify which families have higher priority in receiving the Qurbani. The families most in need are assessed according to the following criteria:

- Families who live on less than the minimum income for that particular country
- Female-headed households
- Families with disabled and/or elderly persons
- Children under five years old
- Pregnant women
- Breastfeeding mothers
- Families with little or no access to the market

Do I have to perform Qurbani on behalf of my children?

Please consult your local Imam/Sheikh, as this depends on the school of thought you follow. According to the Hanafi school of thought it is obligatory for every sane Muslim of mature age, non-travelling. This also includes those who own wealth which is beyond their needs.

Do you need to give all the names of the people who are giving Qurbani? And will their names be called out during slaughter?

No, as it will be strenuous to recite the names of all the thousands of donors. Scholars have approved the sacrifice without the names as long as the intention of the person was made. We encourage everyone to make their intention when donating their Qurbani.

What types of Qurbani meat does Humaniti provide?

In most countries, fresh qurbani is provided where the animals are slaughtered and the meat is distributed locally. However, in some countries where fresh Qurbani is unavailable, we ship the meat frozen/chilled. It will then be distributed on the third day of Eid onwards, in order to be cost-effective, while still providing families the opportunity to eat the meat provided.

Until when can I make my Qurbani payments?

We will close off by July 18th (8th of Dhul hijjah) so full payment is required at time of ordering.

When should we give money for Qurbani?

As early as possible. Humaniti implements the Qurbani over 4 days (10th to 13th Dhul Hijjah). We purchase the animals to be slaughtered in advance based on forecasted quotas.

Why does Humaniti include an admin charge in its Qurbani pricing?

These charges cover the cost of slaughtering, cutting, distribution, and transportation to ensure we get the Qurbani meat quickly to the families in need.

How is Qurbani performed at Humaniti?

Qurbani is performed by our trusted international partners who have been providing these services for tens of thousands of donors across the globe.

Can we offer more than one Qurbani?

Yes! You are allowed to offer more than one sacrifice. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) himself carried out multiple Qurbani for himself and the Ummah. Many Muslims offer multiple Qurbani on behalf of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and for deceased parents.

If someone intends to offer a sacrifice, when should they stop clipping their nails?

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) “When you see the new moon of Dhul Hijjah, and one of you desires that he offer a sacrifice, then let him keep [i.e. not cut] his hair and nails.” (Sahih Muslim v. 13, p. 2452)